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Maggie Valley and Cataloochee Valley are home to Elk that continually grace our homes and fields. These majestic animals in the Red Dear family can weigh up to 700 pounds and are only exceeded in size by there cousins the North American Moose. Elk are often seen grazing or relaxing next to Maggie’s mountain homes and in the fields off of Soco Road. It is important to note that federal regulations require that you stay at least 150 feet away so as not to disturb them. Male Elk (bull) can become aggressive during the fall rut (mating) season, September to October. You can often hear their legendary bugling calls to challenge other bulls and to attract females (cows). Females can also be aggressive while guarding their young, usually May thru June, so be especially careful. The best place to view Elk is in the Cataloochee Valley. From Maggie Valley take US276 north to Cove Creek Road. Make a left to reach the valley. Cove road has sections that are steep and unpaved. There are also no gas stations or other commercial services so plan accordingly. The best time to view Elk is early morning or approximately two hours before sunset.

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